Conn 34B Eb Alto Trumpet

What the Conn Loyalist says: "The 34B Eb Alto is tuned lower than a regular Bb trumpet. The 0.484" bore indicated in the specifications below is equivalent to a #2 1/2 in more common Conn terminology. At 21" length, it isn't actually any longer than other Conn trumpets.

The model number list gives the first production date of the 34B as 1961, and a 1962 Conn brochure "16 New Sounds for 1962" lists the 34B. This supports the start date of 1961. Conn stated specifications:
Low Pitch (A=440 cps at 72F). Cylindrical bore: 0.484", Bell diameter: 4 5/8", Calibore. Length: 21". Lustre-Conn finish. Machined right angle braces for greater durability, one-piece valve casing. Bottom valve springs for positive, trouble-free action."

This trumpet is a rare piece of history that you won't likely find again. Serial number 843581, date around 1961. Consider the age, this trumpet is in near mint condition, all original lacquer (99%), on the second valve slide has some lacquer nicks (SEE PICTURE), small pin ding and lacquer nick on the lead pipe, a couple small pings in bell (all easily fixed if you want) all valves and all slides moving freely. Nice engraving on the bell "C.G. CONN LTD. USA ELKHART.IND."

Case is in excellent shape, and looks like the day the horn was sold new, in my opinion. Warranty card included, along with some additional paperwork from original sale. Original mouthpiece included as well. Trumpet stand in picture is NOT included.

My asking price: $1000, shipped via my choice of carrier in US. Out of US, shipping is actual cost. If you make an offer at lest than the price, understand that shipping is yours to pay.

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