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I write and arrange music for numerous ensembles throughout the midwest, working with Finale. No other application meets so many of my needs and looks so good at the completion of long and difficult projects. Some may prefer other programs, but Finale is without a doubt the best, most feature laden software on the market for notation.

  I continue to use my
Macintosh computers as "electronic copyists" as I have for the last 25 years. I have a Mac Pro with a 27 inch monitor, and a MacBook Pro laptop, and there is very little that will not run on one of these machines! Coupled with my Hewlett Packard LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdw, excellent postscript output is achieved.

A great deal of my copy work is done in the form of musical arrangements. I do custom arrangements of all kinds of music, from classic to Broadway, and everything in between. If you need musical arrangements for a special group or event, contact me for samples of my work and an estimate on your musical arrangements! Please be specific in your request so that a reasonable estimate of cost and a reasonable time frame can be offered. Please also realized that you will be required to obtain all copyright clearances before the work is begun, and pay all associated royalty or usage fees for the arrangements. Without proper clearance paperwork, no work can legally be considered. I have a number of musical arrangements from past shows, but do not make shows or show concepts available from past programs. Many times, show concepts have been cumulative in their scope, and ideas used may have been the intellectual property of another. Therefore, if you have a show in mind, or saw a show you know I arranged, feel free to ask about that music. A listing of all the shows written for marching bands is available upon request. Due to legal restrictions, I am unable to list some shows that I have written. Let me know if you would like a list, and I will forward it promptly to you. I never "sell" custom arrangements again once I have written them, as every arrangement is written especially for the band who asked for it. However, I can take parts of old shows and rework the arrangements to better fit the strengths of your ensemble. However, I will not simply sell an arrangement to anyone without proper refit to work for your musical forces. That could lead to a poor performance, which would not be good for your group, your score or rating, or my reputation as an arranger. The small amount of money I might make for doing such a thing isn't worth the lack of trust or aggravation that results from that practice. Please realize also that all copyright clearance work is yours to obtain and yours to complete before I begin arranging. It is unlawful for me to arrange a show for you while you are "waiting" on copyright clearances. The letter of the law is clear, and the current climate in marching band arranging requires these stringent standards be enforced to the highest degree.

Upon the completion of all musical arranging, I offer the entire package in PDF files on a CD so that parts can be reprinted in the event of loss or damage during the season, and a "reference recording" from Finale can be generated for study and preparation of the ensemble and the individuals. If you hire me as your arranger, and desire percussion parts, I can do those as well. I actually prefer to write the mallet book for most ensembles as I feel like I can better match the timbre and tone of the mallets with the winds to create the tonal colors and musical effects required. I also like to hear the ensemble in live performance, and see several rehearsals over time before the work is done, so that I know what the ensemble does and how they rehearse, how the prepare, etc. Finally, I always try and go to hear every ensemble I write for during the marching season. In addition to being an arranger, I am music caption head for the Central States Judges Association, a position that gives me unique perspective on the music arranging process and the musical reward system in marching band adjudication. Those years of experience and knowledge go into every arrangement I write, and I pledge to create the best custom arrangement that can be written for your ensemble. (I wish I could promise a state title or some such to every group, but alas, there are MANY other variables that go into that process. I do know that what I write will be the best I can offer your students, and will be written with their best interests and growth in mind.)

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